A few lines in front

At the age of 9 Torsten has had the first "boxer-contact". Our neighbour, a tax consultant, had a male called "Julchen" but not enough time to spend to her. So it was on Torsten to go out with her. So he did many years. The passion "BOXER" was born.

Of course Torsten become a member of the Boxer-Klub e.V. in Düsseldorf. One year later the other member voted him for the chairman of the Boxer-Klub Düsseldorf and again 1 year later Torsten was the chairman of the german region Rhein-Wupper.

Our two male FAUSTO and INPETTO had successfull international breedings. Until now 42 healthy and boxer-typicall litter were born in our Kennel "VON FAUSTO".

They grow up in our house, where 4 generations were helping to that. A family infected with the boxer-fever ...

Saida and Torsten Lemmer